Sorry my country bombed your country...

Is the damn semester over yet? It isn't for a few more weeks, but the pot is about to boil over.

Tomorrow good ol' George W. Bush visits my college, and today when I was on campus I felt like something bad was about to happen (its like I could sense evil was on the way), maybe it was the security blockade of Semi trucks that enclosed the building that ol' G.W. will be speaking at. Inside this perimeter was another 2 concentric circles of barricades and fence. Men in black suits with their stereotypical ear piece and sunglasses. This is a day before he shows up, are the SS going to camp out all night? There must be a lot of people actively seeking to kill this man. Funny you never hear about it. All I'm really saying is that its a really odd feeling to be around all that nervous energy.

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anne said...

holy crap man! i know j has probably said this, but am concerned about the ss coming to your door for those comments. would hate to visit you in prison. . . dont think you would do too well there and am SURE j wouldnt do well with all those bars and strictures. . . too confining. can you imagine the fixation and panic?! dont leave me with him!