A New Direction!

I'm going to start posting pictures I have on my cell phone. These are all pictures I have taken, and only used the phone's editing program to alter the images. I've really had fun using my phones little digital camera to capture things that catch my eye. I really like how instantaneous it is. Its immediate and then I typically lay in bed at night editing them somehow. I have alot already stored up but this way i can take them off my phone and capture more!


anne said...

these are absSOLutely fantastic! i really think you could do a ton of stuff with these! i'd have to say, this idea cements your status as "genius artist"!

Andy said...

Did Al Gore pay you to post that top one of the smoke stack? LOL Love the pictures!


Jay Diers said...

I love them and you need to keep posting and even post them "as you see them" without altering.

Jay D