oh YA! I have a blog...sorry I forgot (eg. lazy)

Its been sometime sine my last post. someones getting lazy..... ya its probably me. It really doesn't make sense that I don't post on a regular basis because I'm always sitting at work bored out my noggin. That excuse aside, what has been going on in my world you ask? SPRING is here..well it was, i hear its supposed to get a tit nit chilly here. That's usually what happens. It starts to get all warm and green, even the trees seem to have a green dusting on their tips (oh i freaking love it) and then, like a babies diaper...shit stinks...and haha green, and burrrrrrr its 20degrees out. WTF global warming? Its April, and Al Gore said....oh well I'm sure summer will be here soon and then I'll complain about the heat!! so look for that post coming soon! Yes readers my life is this boring I blog about the weather.
I have a new addiction its the new samsung 40'' LCD TV that's sitting in my living room right now. I've been salivating over it for two weeks now. Let me just tell you the Discovery ch.'s Planet Earth in HD is like crack for you eyes. At one point last night I even had that crack tingle you hear so much about on A&E's Intervention. Last night after Planet Earth I continued my HD binge well into the morning hours. I watched highlights from Vfest in London the Virgin Mobile music festival. I watched Keane and Radiohead as well as others and i could see the pores on their face. Then on another channel from 3am until 4 they had a program that outlined famous museums around the US. It makes me excited for my upcoming Chicago get away. We are planing on hitting some of the museums there, and I couldn't be more of a nerd about it!
On Saturday night I was here, at my desk, taking annoying phone calls from people who don't really have physical medical problems, as they do mental and IQ problems. I hate to say this, and Oprah would tell me the Secret doesnt allow complaining, but working here at the hospital as a telecom spec./ after hours answering service for 395 Dr's offices has made me lose all hope for humanity. I mean really, some peoples kids.....and public education has failed the vast majority or peoples in this country. After my 2nd shift I was ready for a big drink, and I met friends at the bar. Yet my new addiction is slowly replacing my old....I was longing for my TV and DVR and HD and DVD and all those other acronyms associated with my new addiction. I went home and watched SNL with my BF. ha!
Friday I met my "gay wonder twin culture boyfriend" for drinks and some appitizers at a new Greek fusion restaurant. the food was OK but the service SUCKED. That pretty much set the scene for the remainder of my night on the town. We then hoofed it to a space newly "renovated" for an art show. The themes of the show outlined the artists interpretation of eroticism and sexuality through art. (Madonna's songs form her Erotica album were playing in my head as I walked).
I glanced, through the 2nd story window that the lighting was fluorescent, so my expectations were met, the show left a lot to be desired, literally. Lots of boobs is all I'm saying. I felt the art was to literal. Aside from about 3 pieces my overall criticism is lost on this town, so I will stop sounding so negative now. I do however applaud the effort put forth to do something new and different in this small Midwestern town.
Following the exhibition, we walked across the street for a strong Cosmo at the Piano Lounge. We got in free because we had one of the regular headliners in tow, so that was a positive note..get it? huh? note..like a piano note? haha damn I rule.
For our last stop of the eve we headed north to the appropriately named club Basix. I mingled...and that in reverse was the weekend. I'll try to be more positive in my next blogs and maybe even more regular. This blog needs some fiber or maybe some prune juice. That should keep it regular!
ttyl bitches!


uproryous said...

Great entry. Maybe you should have more vaggies in your diet to keep you regular. What were you whining about again? I will have to give it a second read.

Congrats on the TV, now invite a betch up for a movie. Maybe we should watch Borat again, I am sure the wrestling scene will be awesome in HD. NOT!!!

Petra said...

Interesting to know.