Longest Blog ever ...but jam packed with love!

Sup blog Bitches? Ross the Intern always says "hello blog buddies", and Rosie and the gals always say " good morning bloggers" so I'm going to say " Hello/sup/whats up/ check it/ blog bitches". I'm dirty and crude like that! plus I like how it rolls off the tongue. Mail your comments to Fox news, they might care if u take offense to the word bitch, I DON'T.

That said, its Thursday and I'm looking at a JAMMMMMMM packed weekend. I have Friday and Saturday off after working 6 days in a row, so I'm R*E*A*D*Y ya ya I'm ready (cheerleader style). I've added another social outing to my list this weekend, and I have a cute story to detail how in fact I got invited.

Let me take you back to last Friday, Jay and I rolled in to Super Target to pa ruse, and also pick up a few things that we needed. Jay, being the comic book nerd, had to check to see what action figure dolls they had, and I wandered over to the linen isle. I do love a good pillow sham 30% off! Keep in mind I had been in constant txt message contact with our friend Tedd who we were inviting to dinner later that eve.

As I stood there next to the most heinous bedazzled throw pillow (I secretly love that throw pillow, and want all its bedazzled glory all over my sofa, hard) I looked up from my txt message and saw a short blonde girl (all I saw was the hair) and a rather striking Brazilian woman walking and chatting.

I thought to myself, (inner head voice) " WOOT WOOT Alan, that looks like Mari (pronounced Maad EE) a foreign exchange student I was good friends with in high school..but no it couldn't be, she lives in Brazil, and that was back home, what would she be doing here?...)

Jay sauntered up and we spoke of this sighting and I told him "...and then she spoke out loud, and it sounded just like Mari..but it doesn't make sense that I would be seeing her here now, in Target in Cedar Rapids, Iowa"

Cut to me approaching the shampoo/hair product isle, surveying the task laid before me. Picking a shampoo & trying to find a styling product that will make your hair do what you need it to do is a daunting task. I mean come on, have you seen that isle? It's two endless rows of bottles all promising flawlessness...how on earth am I going settle on a smell, a texture, a promise, a price, and a well designed package (all things one must take into account before buying something as important as hair care).

What I wasn't counting on finding in that isle were two long lost friends. Jane, a friend I've known since preschool. And Mari, a dear friend I lost touch with after she graduated, and moved back to her native, sexy land of Brazil!

So it was xoxo fest '07 and we stood and chatted about how random meeting there was. Turns out Jane's older sister, who I am also friends with is getting married this weekend, and Jane told me that I must must must crash the reception and hang out with her and Mari.

My BFF Sara also went to school with all of said girls and just may be driving over tomorrow to help me crash and bring in da noise bring in da funk all up on dat reception's ass! How fun right?! I do believe that things happen for a reason, and that coincidences aren't always random ( que Oprah shouting " SECRET")

p.s. I was so flustered and excited by my chance encounter that I couldn't find a shampoo or style product. I thew up my hands in defeat and am now on a quest for new shampoo and hair products. Any suggestions? I typically don't get hair care from Super Target so I was overwhelmed by all the choices. Funny how that works.. all the brands in that place are well known to the general public, they run tons of commercials, but I buy the stuff u pay 30 bucks for 8 oz's. so I'm not familiar with their brand strategies. HELP even my hair is elitist

Also on the agenda this weekend .... Friday is Alan (me dummy) and Jays 3 year anniversary! Yes its been 3 years which is like 25 in gay years! I couldn't be happier. I hear the gift for a three year anniversary is leather...kinky right? I LOVE YOU JAY!
In the midst of all our love making that day (only kidding.....well ok maybe some..lol) We are going to dinner with our friend Chris and about 15 of his closest friends at the yummy Vernon Inn Greek Place! I'm super pumped for flaming cheese. Plus I'm planing on hijacking Chris's thunder and tieing in our anniversary somehow (like with a toast). but shhhhhhhh don't tell him, I'm not totally rude Mrs. Manners.
Then onto the club where we will make Chris drink and not worry how he lost his pants and shirt and why a drag queen is oiling him up in front of a pack of nuns..only kidding Chris. I was only referring to the debauchery that will be going on.

That brings us to Saturday afternoon where I will be nursing my hangover at our friends Tracey and Chris's house ( I refer to them as Cracey. Also this is a diff. chris then the one mentioned above) to help celebrate the birthday of Revin Maddox their handsome 1yr old! Seriously hes so damn cute!
On to Saturday night... TEDD'S BIRFTDAY "holler." We will have a nice dinner at a new place. I hope its as good as the pretentious name makes it out to be. I must then make my appearance at Jenny's wedding reception, she doesn't know I'm coming, and Mari and Jane don't know Sara might be with me!!! I'm so excited. Then its back to the old stand by gay bar Basix for drinks and dancing and trainwreakspotting!

Wow such a rigorous social schedule I maintain. I'll just catch up on my sleep Sunday eve. at work. haha.


Tedd said...

So... I finally broke down and signed up for this thing so that I could comment on your witty word wonders. (I know! How special do you feel right now?) Anyway... love the blog. That's huge considering I read them after I already know all the stuff that happend. So, this weekend is gonna be INSANE! Can't wait! Hope you're doing well today, works blows!

Andy said...

You should check out Nevada's hair care products. I hear they are real nice.

uproryous said...

Yes, I hear Nevada has a new scent that smells like a cattle feed lot. Is is their new signature series, freshascowpoo....

For reals, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Had a great time at Chris' birthday and seeing all the boys and one girl...