Monday Monday. ba ba bad da da

Hey blog bitches! Some great and fantastic news.... my older sister gave birth today to a 8lb 8oz baby boy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANDON AVERY. I held him for a few mins before I had to dart off to work ( its just across the street) I'm so going back over there on my break to see the little guy. He has cute little fingers and fat thighs. So far I cant tell if he looks more like his mom or his dad, as all newborns look like aliens to me.

In other fun news,
Rosie O'Donnell ; of whom I am a major fan, answered one of my questions today on her video blog! Make sure u check it out (click her name). There are many blogs I check on a daily basis and hers is always one of them. Rosie has a feature on her blog its called "ask ro" where people can ask her anything so I typically have something to ask everyday and its always different. Sunday I asked what she thought of "Oprah, in more then one word" Well on the video, titled "Happy Pride Peeps", she did!
This is like winning the lottery because she gets asked like 17,000 questions a day and only responds to like 10. I was floored and I kinda got tears in my eyes. yes I am really that gay!
Its about connection, and it made me feel a little less small in this big world. However I feel there were better questions I've asked in the past she didn't get a chance to respond to in text or video, but that's OK. I'll keep asking!...oh maybe I could become a regular on her blog, maybe?? keep the dream alive right?!

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anne said...

oh WOW!! i totally think that made my day as well! i'm so happy that she answered that and i have to say that while you and i dont agree on oprah, we are in TOTAL agreement on ro. she's definitely one of my faves AND in that one little video blog, i cried, i laughed and i got to hear her respond (as if she were talking TO YOU) to your question, which made ME feel connected as well! BANNER DAY ALAIN!