Shopping @ Work vol. 1

So you've been introduced to Fun @ Work and here's its sister feature! I've aptly titled Shopping @ Work. It's where I show you what I'm probably going to spend my pay check on (probably not since I have bills literally flying at my ass, not coming from, but yes flying into, and it makes it feel like anus paper cuts...I hate bills). So if I did have money to spend this is what I'd be spending it on today.... get the idea here? Oh and the @ work part stems from the fact that yes..I'm at work when I'm doing these things.
Let me introduce you to my friends at Poketo! -Art for your everyday. A network of international artists creating exclusive works for you!
In the past I have actually spent money on this site, and with the cute shiz they add all the time, its not hard to see why! oh ya and they have good SALES

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