On the Rag

Not so sure whats going on with me, but the last five going on six days I've had the most bitchy, cranky, stanky attitude ever. I thought maybe it was just work causing me to be angry at the world, then I thought maybe it was bills.....

Sitting at my desk just now I have figured it out. It must be those damn annoying shoe/clog evil combo Crocs. I feel that their incessant "ug-lure-ey" has permeated so far into my conscious that its causing total attitude collapse. The chemicals that make up crocs fug-rubber soul (get it like a soul. Fu** I'm clever) have melded with my own brain chemistry, and no amount of Effexor is going to bring me back. My apologies to you and yours.

Still I'm not certain that this is the real reason for my PMS, yet its what I've come up with thus far....any other ideas? I'm over blaming Bush, its just to easy these days. I could rant about a few more things. The fact that gay spawn Danny is still on So You Think You Can Dance, that has my thong wet and frozen. He may have great technique, but his queeny "smarmy" attitude sucks.
This really must be PMS. I'm cramping, every time I eat my stomach feels as if its splitting in two, like an amoeba dividing. Its like hunger pains only when i eat, and FAR more drastic. (damn ovaries on the outside). I guess I'll call the Doc. tomorrow.

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