I literally stumbled upon VAN SHE. Like 5 mins ago, on the real! I think this may be premature, but I'm in total like with them. In days and weeks to come we'll see if of our relationship will just be a one night stand, or a full fledged, suck fest.
It was an immediate throw back to 4 years ago when my roommate (Kyle) threw Head Automatica at me (I found myself at their show being pelted by their coke laced sweat) Similar to H.A.'s throw back sound, VAN SHE took a page out of the 80's and screwed it with post-punk/ emo (in a good way.....there is one, shut it) . Now a tender new look at what we call new-rave. Think Klaxons deep dicking the hell out of Tears for Fears, and you have yourself some VAN SHE. Its ironically hip sounding. Walk into H&M (before their winter line comes in) and check out Fall 08. It's all neon accents, plasticine Esq vinyl, skinny jeans, and horizontal stripes. Its like the designers had this band on loop and made some clothes. Check out some tracks off their EP.

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