Artist Spotlight

Sisters etching 3.75" x 5.75"

Last year I ran across a collection of intaglio prints from eastern European artist Katarina Vavrov. The discovery was made at local gallery, up the street from where I live. Today, while killing time at work, um.. I mean doing "research", I ran across the print that I purchased (see above) last spring. I meant to blog about this much much sooner but had forgotten, until today!

Here is a very brief bio: Katarina Vavrova, born 1964 in Bratislava, Slovakia

1984 - 1990 Academy of Fine Arts at Bratislava, studied under Prof. Albin Brunovsky

1989 studied at the Academy Delle Arti, Perugia, Italy

Her works were presented in number of exhibitions in Europe, Japan and USA and she received large number of prizes at international art festivals, biennalesof ex libris, graphical competitions etc.

I encourage you to click these links and view her work : BestNetArt.com /
Katarina Vavrova /
exlibris / Campbell Steele Gallery

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