Location: A small box of a room, inside a bunker like outer box, that is the telecom/ emergency communication dept. aka work :(

Wearing: Thrift find, large collar winter- white hoodie with over sized buttons. Under the warm hoddie; a primo soft cotton T from express in a lovely regal purple, has a graphic Asian medallion detail in gold My favorite work pants (due to their comfort and ability to match everything I own) from Banana Republic SALE! Another thrifty/sale find some ALDO shoes that also match everything due to their black and brown and white coloration.

Reading: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. Great historical fiction that takes place in a depression era traveling circus. To feel a little bit of summer warmth on these sub zero nights I've also been reading a novel, Last Summer by Michael Thomas Ford. It is rich with Provincetown beachy goodness. Romance and Drama; gay gay gay!

Watching: Project Runway! DID U SEE team Fierce's avant garde creation? BrILZ! Sad Idol auditons are also in the que.

Listening to: M.I.A. Sri Lankian, by way of NYC rapper hipster chic chick. Loving her culture crossing sound. Voice and style very similar to Peaches

Drinking: Always with the water! Trying to cut back on the boozy, such empty calories that are increasing my need to loose weight. ugh

Loving: Any form of moisturizer, for my lips, hands, and ass. Its cold and I'm cracking!

What are you currently smelling, anticipating, and/or feeling right now? (comment below)

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