"...god, what was I going to say to you, it seemed important..."

Its funny how many times a day I say "I'm going to blog about this shit" then i remember that I said i wasnt going to be like that, that I was going to be the blogger with something witty or profound to say. well .... F that S.
I received a phone call from my long lost best friend Grace tonight. (shes not so lost, i have 2 telly numbers for her as well as a few email addresses and wow, even her home address) well 12a.m her time. Its funny how much you can miss someone from your past and within 2 mins. act as if you've talked everyday since that last time you saw them, you know that one time....it was so fun, you talked for hours, laughed, worked out all the worlds problems, maybe tied all the loose ends in to many places. None the less its past, it was akwardly heartbreaking, it was if you could see the other person changing in that very instance, right there on the phone. Time changes people, everything changes people, they might not think so, but it does, ask Oprah!
Then as if god stubed his little toe on his mega-ganormous bedposts, and decided to flood your bedroom, memories came crashing back. They looked different then i remembered them tho. odly clearer, not the fresh ones still lacing your retinas.
past, its so over, its behind you, but can be right back in front of your face with just one phone call!
I love grace, we shared a very confusing time in our lives, it bonded us together for life, no matter how long we go with out talking i can always count on her voice, and her mine. Theres only about 3 people on this planet that know me know me. and I hold more gratitude that Grace Pokela is in that running then brown grass thanks rainy days. ...does that make sense? well Grace I love you, still, forever, and missing your laugh!

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Jay Diers said...

That's really nice. Im sure she misses your laugh as well. :)