Who wants cupcakes?

Why the HELL am I hungry all the time. I could eat a 10 course meal and an hour later be ready for Chinese. The rummors are true, Britney Spears- Federline, and myself have a growing midrift. Check out last months Star magizine. Yup, thats me all right, no makeup, eating pizza with my Brad. Christ even HE said somthing the other night, something about how he used to beg Jen to eat more, he liked the extra cusion....crazy Brad! wink wink!
I really hope its not a tape worm! gross. Hey wait, arnt tape worms like the latest French diet craze? I'm pretty sure all the A- listers are ingesting worms to stay trim. It rates second to mono as the best diet EVER. If this is true, I'm going to pay someone to shoot me in the face!

So tis the season for college students to start jumping off of bridges! yes I'm talking FINALS, they are fast approaching and to the average student this means BIG TIME stress. Me! I like to put things off until the last minute, so naturally I'm not sleeping much because I'm paniced. I have 3 major papers to write, and 2 major art projects to do. Not to menchon the TESTS....and oh yes... on top of this i am in the midst of moving out of my apartment and into my boyfriends condo. I HATE MOVING.
WOW isnt it funny how worked up i can it. i dont know if u got that tone to this text, but i am on the edge of a minor break down, here it comes, that dieing feeling, that out of control crushing weight. Its like my brain makes, then gets addicted to, then detoxes from METH, so i can have my own personal flesh eating anxiety attact. Its who I am, I totally blame my mother.

Bloggs are great. its like i can bitch about whatever i feel like, whenever i feel like it, and fuck who reads it, its out of me and into servers, wires, signals, 1's and 0's.
its 2:35am, the bed i sleep in is way to small and way to painful. plus it gets hot......LOL fine i'll stop bitching . if your lucky next time i will write something of interest.

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anne said...

alan- if it's that late and you're hungry, you gotta CALL ME and we will go and pig out at happy chef, which isnt that good, but at 230 AM it's flippin' heaven! 2 please on the cupcakes.