From The Weekend...

Well I've blown back in from the windy city, once again I had a very good time shopping, eating, and relaxing! Its really a fun city, I like to call it the Mecca of the Midwest, its good to get out of town for awhile, to somewhere with culture, and things to do.

Again we stayed out by O'Hare airport, and rode the trains to get to the places we needed to go, its much easier to do that then to try and drive and park in a lot of places, plus in the long run its cheaper.

The funny story I have from the El train this time is actually disturbing. So we are waiting on the platform for the train as we do. It comes, we pile on, standing room only, every car was PACKED so I'm standing towards the front trying to keep my balance, and clinging onto the pole you hang on to to not fly forward when they have to slow down, brake or turn.... And I'm standing looking around and there are 2 men in uniform. Sitting mind you, ya we are the paying customers and the guys working for us, on my tax dollars are sitting....ANYWAY I read the badges on their shirts and am surprised to see they are officers with the homeland security department. And the kicker of the story is....While on orange high alert for mass transit.....They are sleeping... With their heads down, every stop more people cram in to the train car, and they donÂ’t even wake up.Andd why are the only two homelandsecurityy officers on the train in the same train car?should'ntnÂ’t one be here and the other be oanotherer oneSayay towards the back....AWAKE? At any rate, wasntsnÂ’t scared, you cant be, there is no way stoppinging things like that unless we are all going to be barcoded aherdedded like cattle, and blah blah blah loss of freedom, blah.

Now I'm home, safe and secure, with nothing to do but count mullets, and tractors. Which I'm ok with for the time being, since my ticonsistsits of work, and in 2 weeks school. My summer classes end for me Wed.!!Andand am really excited about that, followed by a few short days of working some 12 hour shirts mind you, then they start all over again. YIPPIE for ME. Its been hot and dry this summer, which I find depressing, not the heat part but the dry, I'm all about summer thunderstorms. I think because they are the last tradition I have to hold on to from my childhood summers. The pool, and peanut butter and jelly's, and everything else is gone, but thunderstorms will always happduringing the summeSo so when theisn'tsnt any its very troublesome, lisomethingngs out of wack, I guess I'm just more sensitive to nature then the next guy, (I wake up in the middle of cosmic shifts, and allingments).

Alright I'll stop with the babble for now, my inndialogoge told me to. Plus its after midnight and I'm working in the AOh oh oh wait, one more thing...

I'm such a sucker for new technology, it's my generation, material driven saps, ...So so now if you call me instead of that plan old school dialing/ringing noise, you get to listen to music until I pick up my phone. I can also assign callers with their own music, so if you are a regular caller of mine, and would like to make a request for your favorite song to be played when your waiting for me to answer the phone, email me with it, and I'll see if I can assign it to your call number, so u can enjoy it!! musicicalcal tastes are odd to some people, so of course my ringback tone is all me!

alright now I'm going, must read a little for my final Wednesdayday!


anne said...

oh leetle alan! i'm glad to see you back on the blog. . . and the homeland security officers should probably just suck it. seriously? they were ASLEEP?!

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