A La' Mode..blah blah BLAND

I'd have to say that This photo pretty much sums up fashion week fall 07. The great "bobbed" one and her side kick, (are we really so sure he actually does things). First I'd like to to comment on His bedazzled blazer/ jacket number. It almost worked on the Baby Phat runway, but that was when it was on a 6'8'' 19 yr old model. Next to a hanger that's the only place its supposed to be. So Mr T. JUST STOP. You are a style editor and should know how to dress the irregular pear shape. When the finishing touch is huge black glasses that say "look out here comes my cheeks", you've just crossed the line. OK sorry about that rant, but this past week the runway has let me down.

If one more black mod silhouetted trash bag looking thing comes down the runway I just might throw some bleach at a bitch. I'd sit here and type everything I thought about these shows, but basically it was all to boring for words.... I will however be letting you know who had the best in show (according to me, and really who else counts..right?).

Maybe I'm too cynical for my own good, but when the only thing interesting during this week is Heatherette's continued use of pipe cleaners, trannys, and glue guns, something is wrong in the world of fashion. BURRRRRR-Kay?

p.s. I'm Back! and starting a new. It needs to happen..I need to keep blogging...so suport me bitches

Blow ya later,



uproryous said...

Welcome back sistah!!!!! Hugs Hugs and Kisses.

Oh BTW betch, those two look like they have steel rods shoved up their asses. Now someone just needs to electrify them.


Rev. B

dbv said...

Fabulous!!! ALT is the biggest a-hole in the world... i met him once... not very nice... love the remarks... keep it up!!!