Tiger Bum

WTF? I was informed the other day that I'm not one of the bazillion people I know that gets a fun tax refund. I, on the other hand get to pay the government. So along with my check I just might include a little post-it...possibly with choice words and even a "fart stain" hahahaha that would make me feel allot better. I'm so passive aggressive.
So with that said I really need to go shopping. Mama needs some serious wardrobe. I'm really sick of what I have in the closet on the floor and spilling out of the dressers. I need to take a month off ....haha ya a month....and get rid of all the couture that doesn't fit and that I no longer wear, then take inventory and then do some damage....the economy needs it, I need, and well OK so I don't need it, there will probably be pangs of guilt on my end. DAMNIT I'm always so torn between being a materialistic queen and that elusive hippy dippy free spirit bohemian who doesn't need the mans threads yo!
I understand that a 5 year old in Indochina probably made my $200 jeans, but damn they make my arse look good....like a tiger. *POW!
This Blog entry hasn't made me feel like the best person, to be honest. I just feel its something that alot of people go through, paying the man when all they do is keep you broke, and then spending money on things we don't need that in turn pays the man, and in turn keeps one broke. We live in a major F'ed up cycle of consumerism and greed. Its up to me to live above it....I know its wrong, so why is it so hard?

ya! I understand that I sound like a whiny bitch....but u try saying no to your ass looking so good in the $200 sweat shop jeans.

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Jay Diers said...

I love that your true heart shines through the shit!

Love you.