If I Had a New Boyfriend....

OK so I've always said my next boyfriend would be black. In loo of recent developments I've changed my mind. My next boyfriend (God and Oprah willing) would be Eric Himan, singer/songwriter/sex pot!! No joke this man is a dreamboat. dirty dirty thoughts*

However,my boyfriend will be glad to know I don't plan on leaving. So my crush boy will remain untouched, by hands, my thoughts will still continue to ravage his tattooed body! What is it about tattooed men lately? I dunno, I guess I like them rough after all!!!! (that wasn't a secret, its been a known fact for sometime...on daddies, give it up to ya mama, do ya like it when I shake it for you, move it all around?...ok i'll stop)

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uproryous said...

He has nice eyebrows too. And I knew you liked your daddies before I ever met you.