Brown Paper Packages Tied Up in String

Oprah did a summer favorite things show yesterday! well I have a few favorite things I've found recently and I felt the need to share! Sadly you wont get these items for free, but come on, I'm just as powerfully black as she is sans the bank account. This is going to become a regular feature on my blog...my list of shiz you should buy but don't need

I went shopping around the little boho shops in Iowa City last week...I was in need of some body wash. I found it ya'll, in the form of Thymes Azur line of products. Let me just tell you...it smells like the urine of angels (that's a good thing). Its classified as a "fresh" scent. "Azur restores skin and spirit with their exclusive Essential Phytomarine Complex. When released in water, this synergistic formula of nutrients conditions and protects skin’s natural health and beauty." This is a must buy for summer, its scent is earthy enough for men, and soft enough for women. My skin feels so soft I haven't had to moisturize in days. I'm totally going back for the lotion... I will be buttery soft...feel me!

To Pair this amazing wash with a regular loofah would be sacrilegious so also be sure to pick up the Shower Flower by Crabtree & Evelyn. It kicks..no.. it washes serious ass! Each petal is a foam/ wash cloth type thingy that really makes my new fav. body wash foam! I've totally turned my shower time into a little spa ritual because of these to products. Its all about taking time out your day for yourself. This is how I'm doing it. Let me know how you are doing it.. I'd like to know.

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