Today is June 1st....all you homos know what that means right? ? do ya?. huh?...PRIDE MONTH! So just a quick note to say Happy Queer Month! It's just like us gays to pick the best month of the year and call it ours! Its perfect for picnics, outdoor activities, and cute summer clothes. We rock! I'm proud to be a part of such a diverse community of people dedicated to equality and loving others. You might say that this is a particularly Utopian view of our fringe society, but its truly the basis on which we were founded. We celebrate the great pride we take in being different, and not by choice necessarily, but because we are what we are. Isn't it about time we hear something positive about ourselves, and stand tall, and really be proud!

I love June!

This weekend my city is throwing its annual pride fest. Its not the greatest of events but its not about that for me. It really just about the feeling that is attached to it. Three people could show up, and for me that's just great. Its knowing that those three people share the common bond of living outside the status quo that's thrilling. Its about seeing/ being with a group of people that all share a common bond. Being GLBTQ doesn't make us sinners, it doesn't make us disturbed, it doesn't make is strange, or perverted. It makes us all the colors of the rainbow humanity was meant to be. Pride!

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