Fashion Weak Update

Its been three days now. I've been sifting through the snow storm that are the runways. Aptly named because of all the "snow" these models must be huffing to stay that rail thin. I may have bigger boobs then most of them. That's it I'm calling Hedi, I'm doing Victoria's Secret this year for sure.
Here are my hits so far.... If u read my post regarding BCBGMAXAZRIA you've heard about the belts. Well turns out EVERYONE is doing belts. Yes, the memo went out and the designers said yes to strapping that waist down. You don't want a skinny bitches hip bone to slice you....

Also the other trend for spring '08 are shoulders. Bare, bony, and glowing. Some are doing one some are doing two. I'm into asymmetry, so I say keep one covered. This way it looks like that garbage bag your wearing, is literally, in the process of rejecting your skinny model ass. The anticipation I had for Gwen's L.A.M.B show fell on flat bangs. It was Mod prints and
Twiggy meets Gwen's inner love hate relationship with Fergie and skinny black ties. I wont say "hate", that's too strong a word, but I will just say "balls". One side hung lower then the other. (hows that for metaphor? Not sure I get it either. See what I did there? It was a metaphor for not making sense. ha)

There's a lot to work through here people. The Tents are still up and the models haven't even ordered their second kilo...more later
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