It All Starts Today

As reported earlier, Sept. 5Th kicks off New York's Fashion week. Once again I'll be doing the honors of reporting from the edge. So Be sure to pony walk back here to hear my rants.

First off I need to put Max on blast. I feel kinda bad about it, but then I look at whats going on in the waist area and I feel justified. This look was over before it started. Here's why, I counted 11 belted dresses ...ELEVEN people. I get the story, I understand his motivation, but it looked like his one idea for the silhouette was beat to death. Its as if he said. "What was big three years ago?" and answered, "a belt tied trench. and bows, so lets belt a shirt dress and tie it"...its too obvious Max. see what I mean....
Now multiply that by 11 or so. BCBG so wrong on this one. Thus far the stand out for the day with me, has been ABAETÉ. The show was clean with punches of colors that brought it all the way through the end. The prints I found sophiscated yet young and classic. Truly a fashion force I want to see more and more of.

Later tonight I'll be looking forward to Gwen's L.A.M.B. show in the tent, and as we speak Duckie Brown is showing.....oh I'm tingling over this. Its like my Hanukkah 7 days and nights of fashion.

All photos by Getty Images

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