Dr Suess Does A Garden, I Bring the Flavor

This past weekend I attended my mothers third wedding. It was very pleasant, intimate, and the food was rather amazing. Everyone complemented my taste, as I was the one to devise the menu from the restaurant's overwhelming list of choices. Lets just say I nailed it, and everyone loved everything! 4 courses! Hard to pick out complementary dishes to please every ones palate.

The small ceremony only lasted about six minuets, but we got to hang out in a lovely park for 2 hours taking monotonous pictures. It was really was hard to enjoy the moment with all the picture snapping and posing. The sun was still harsh and hot at 4pm and I found some nice shade to chill in while everyone was running about. For fall the park hosted an abundance of spectacular flora. I was blown away by the smell and color. It was like summer's last big burst of light before the gray and brown sets in. I snapped a picture with my cell phone of a very fall-esq bed of flowers. They were captivating up close, I have no idea what kind they are. I will call them Whoville Dash Daggers! I think on Thursday of this week I will return to the park with a book and a snack. Hopefully the weather is OK, its supposed to actually feel like fall here this week. Maybe a chic jacket sweater combo will happen!

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