In Which I Get Political on Your Ass

I'm going to have to scale back the amount of political media I've been digesting. Its causing me great frustration, and anxiety. The current state of affairs, and social issues plaguing the WORLD is taking its toll on my happiness. Politicians are pandering, and lowering themselves to an ignorant level of discourse. This is bi-partisan. On multiple times during the VP debate I found myself yelling at Biden for not hitting back with truth, honesty, and general contempt for Pailin's lack of substantial response. Several key points in regards to Iraq and the economy, as well as social issues, were missed. Things like not countering on the "surge is working'" lie. If the media would actually do their job and show us just what kind of "surge" is working, we could get rid of such misleading political labeling that allows us to gloss over the issue. Google it, and add the line "highly classified techniques, Bob Woodward" you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Or watch what happens when you type "Iraq war surge, and The Awakening bribes". Really go Google...right now...I'll wait.... (or click the links, I did half the work for you, go learn!)
A catch phrase response isn't a response, Its a dangerous under estimation. It's what got us to where we are.
Biden also failed to talk about the multi-trillion dollar debt that will be added to the current wall street meltdown after factoring in the real cost of the war(s), and bank failures. Don't fall for it again.
Grandpa Munster and the Bimbo are not one of us, they loath us, and our government. How can you expect someone to fix something they do not believe in. How this race is even a close considering the front runners views' and strategy is beyond my comprehension. FIVE former Secretaries of State say the key to foreign affairs relations is sitting down with the leaders McCain/Palin want to dismiss. I missed that debate point from Biden. Gov. Palin then turns around and labels that a "white flag of surrender". How truly ignorant, and out of touch. DEMOCRATS GROW A PAIR, its time to call their ass out on the real issues.
All things considered, and my ranting aside, I will leave you with a great op-ed buttress to my thoughts. Make-Believe Maverick written for Rolling Stone by Tim Dickenson. I will now scale back my political media diet, because all the fat and bloat inducing sodium is making me ill. VOTE!

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