And The Winner is


Thank you so much girls for giving me something fresh.Rodarte is my fashion cantaloupe, it sounds good when you thump it. You did however through a few trash bags at me, but I was totally unaware because even those were great silhouettes and well presented. I mean I'm not saying black is over, I just wasn't expecting so much AGAIN from every installation and empire. Over all best in show! I feel ya gurrrrlz
A lot of the pieces were high concept, and not really "ready-to-wear", but that is what makes fashion week a show...right?..
You know its gotten bad when the only name u have in the box is Juliana Margulies. (sorry Jules McBatty-Hair.. Do the people who watch your lifetime movies really understand couture?)
I thought the presentation was flawless, and the work was a step forward. I cant wait to see what you have for me come September.
If Rodarte was an extremely hot man, I'd let him do me, and I wouldn't even mind not getting off.

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uproryous said...

I don't know much about fashion week. So I don't have much to say. I love your pic though.