The Year of the Pig

So HAPPY NEW YEAR! (again) I think that the Asians are so flipping cool for giving a big ol' finger to the calender and creating new year holiday mid February. Then as if that were not enough they assign an animal to represent that entire year! I say hells yes! According to my Google search, the pig is associated with fertility and virility. It is said to have children during the pig year is very fortunate, for they will be happy and honest. Good news for my sister who's set to pop one out in June! In other news.........

WTF?! Ok its official I am scared for her life and the safety of her children. I miss white trash Brispear. You know the one...barefoot, kid on each hip, federstank on her top lip, waltzing into Starbucks for her eleventeenth frappachino that day. This new cranked out skin head Brispear is a little much. Even the Great Madonna knew when enough was enough to stay in the spotlight. She put the whip down and grew her hair back not shaved it off. I'm just waiting for the clip on YouTube of the FederX shouting something political and riping a photograph of the Pope in half. Come on, the shaved head has been done.
With that said, I'm starting a betting pool. Here are the rules.
*leave a comment detailing the how, what, and when DHS will take the kids, be specific!
*The person closet to the actual time/date, and/or scenario wins
*1st place may or may not get a lock of that nicotine smelling/coke laced hair they are selling on eBay* for $50 bucks (Brispear locks?)

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Jay Diers said...

you are too funny! Excellent Post!