If Anna Nicole Killed herself....

Exhibit A: one Miss Bobby Trendy, scum sucking glitterati wanna be hack, with zero talents and zero style/ taste.
That's right I blame him, why you ask? BECAUSE I SAID SO and he gets on my nerves like no other, the sight of him makes me cringe. The fact that he has been interviewed on fox news and other random crap TV about Anna Nicole's death is utterly stupid.
Listen up Miss Trendy, your 15mins are totally 100% mother'Fin' U. to the P. crawl back into your sequin covered trailer and die, because If I ever glimpse you again, lord help me I don't know what i will do. I'm sure the 2 fug girls will have my back
deep breath* Wow I feel better getting that out
his interview on the tvguide channel pushed me over the edge. I was just fliping past and the mear sight just sent me into a rage.

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