For some time now I've wanted to get a tattoo, but have been to indecisive as to what or where. The conclusion I've come too is that the only way I'm going to get one is if i can have a hottie from that TLC show do it for me. On the real real! those boys make me lust. I'd probably let them tattoo a turd with hair on me, just to be that close and to feel their hands on me! shudders*
Lets see..in other news, I totally suck at keeping my posts current. I need to keep a small journal with me at all times to jot down notes as to what I should blog about. I have moments all the time during my day where I say "blog about this crazy shiz"
So in keeping with the spirit of the Oprah and the Secret. I was tooling around her sight yesterday, and came across a show about skin problems..... DING! ... So I sent out a vibration detailing my struggles with my plagued face and hopefully she'll respond. (side note: I am however grateful for my pimples, with out them the entire industry of topical acne treatments would collapse causing thousands of people to lose their jobs. I LIVE FOR Sephora.) If her producers don't get the signal then hopefully the witty 400 word expose I sent with my information will. It takes people 15 years to get tickets to her damn show, so this way I'm hoping I'll just bypass all that flotsam and be on the show as a guest.... look out Omni, I want the penthouse suite!


Matt said...

Have you watched "The Secret" DVD? I read the book, as well as watching the DVD, and my thoughts are that I got more from the DVD. In fact, the book uses the exact quotes from the DVD. I guess I have it memorized by now.

Thanks for the note. I looked around your blog, and Daddy like. :)

Jay Diers said...

Ya to bad the lady that wrote the freakin Secret made the book full of other peoples ideas and admits it....shame on you Oprah! I feel hot all of a sudden like im on fire, maybe she heard me...i don km

uproryous said...

Oh baby, you need a ink sleeve. I think that would be hot hot hot. So yeah, going to Oprah, would be fun, but you have to take me so I can meet Nate. LOL My mom keeps saying I should meet Nate and I keep telling her that every mom wants her gay son to meet Nate.

We need to kick it soon.

Matt said...

Hey, just wanted to tell you that I followed The Secret's advice and visualized checks coming in the mail to me. Lo and behold, today I came home from work and there was an envelope from my dentist. I thought "oh no...a bill", but after opening it, it was a sizable check. I never, ever get checks in the mail. There's something to this visualization stuff.

Anywho, just wanted to share. Try it.