Tuesdays with MOEry

Anderson Cooper: Hey Kenny, good seeing you again

Kenny Chesney: Again? what are you talking about? are we rolling?

AC: No! not yet, dont you remember seeing me at Krave? you were shirtless on a box I called you down and bought you a drink?!

KC:Oh (laughs nervously) haha, ya right, that night....sure the cameras arnt on?

AC: yes, totally gurl, I'm a pro at this, I'd know Mary.

KC: hahaha right, you're so good with closets your like California Closets, oh and u smell of fine wood too!

AC: oh stop bitch, you had your chance

KC: Well,... I never,... not since Rene caught me blowing the roady.... have I felt so alone Anderson

AC: how is that old hag anyway?

KC: She's better now, I was over decorating her guest bathroom the other day....

AC: Oh you piss queen, you and bathrooms

KC: tu' CHee hahaha

AC: we're on in 3, 2, ...

KC: Thanks for having me Anderson.. and I'm FOR REALS not a homo, Period

AC: ok, well me either....moving on....

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